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Since his release in he has received wide recognition as a leading poet and his books have been translated into many languages. In he was awarded the Hertzog Prize for poetry for "Papierblom". Breytenbach K. R A novel about an investigative journalist who reluctantly accepts an old friend's request to write a biography of the Springbok rugby captain. Breytenbach M. R A novel that revolves around land claims and a farm murder in Mpumalanga. Malene Breytenbach's previous novels are "Gister is 'n ver land" and "Pluimprinse".

Text in Afrikaans. Brink A. His novels have been translated into thirty languages. He died in Set in in the Cape Colony. This novel was first published in Afrikaans in under the title "Ander Lewens, 'n roman in drie dele".

Dancing with the dead: Venezuelans turn to desperate measures to survive

Also available in English. Also available in Afrikaans.

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Bruce A. R A novel about three brothers: one who died from a fall, one who survived it and one who witnessed it.

Daddy Daughter Dance - Under the Sea

Alastair Bruce explores the nature of memory, and whether we can ever be certain of events that happened far in the past, their meaning and our part in them. Alastair Bruce was born and grew up in Port Elizabeth. He currently lives in Birminghamshire, UK. He is also the author of the novel, "Wall of Days". R A debut novel about a man exiled from the city-state he founded who is driven to return in an attempt to confront the guilt of his past. He now lives in the United Kingdom where he works in electronic publishing. Bruinders S.

R Originally published in Afrikaans in as "Die Sideboard". A novel about Abraham, an illiterate carpenter who lives on a rented piece of land near George. He loves the soil and the fruit and vegetables he produces on it, and dreams of one day owning a piece of land, but this ambition is crushed repeatedly by the political system of the time. A very important South African story. Bulawayo N. This novel is longlisted for the Man Booker Prize. In she won the Caine Prize for African Writing.

Busani-Dube D.

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R A novel about a young black woman who's been promised to the Zulu king in marriage to repay an ancestral debt. Dudu Busani-Dube was commissioned by film director Lineo Sekeleoane to write this book adaptation of her feature film, "The Zulu Wedding". Dudu Busani-Dube, author of the popular Hlomu trilogy, works as a journalist. Busby M.


R First published in the UK in An anthology of writing by over women of African descent. The selection includes autobiography, memoir, oral history, letters, diaries, short stories, novels, poetry, drama, politics, journalism, essays and speeches, from pre to the s.

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  5. Buthelezi T. R A novel about a writer struggling with substance abuse, anxiety and depression. Tumelo Buthelezi is a founding member of the Ink Gallery, a movement that promotes an interest in reading. Butler G. R Reprint of Guy Butler's collection of short stories set in the Karoo. Guy Butler was a South African poet, playwright and academic.

    He edited "New Coin", a magazine of contemporary poetry, published several volumes of poetry including "Songs and Ballads", and "Pilgrimage to Dias Cross", and a number of plays including "Richard Gush of Salem", "Demea" and "Kaatjie Kekkelbek". He is also the author of "The Prophetic Nun", which chronicles the lives of several nuns, and three volumes of autobiography, "Karoo Morning", "Bursting World", and "A Local Habitation". Also includes stories by fourteen writers who took part in the African Writers' Workshop, held in Cape Town.

    Kenyan writer Binyavanga Wainaina won the prize with his short story, "Discovering Home". Campbell C. R A novel about the karretjiemense of the Karoo. The karretjiemense Donkey Cart People , are direct descendants of the San, the earliest inhabitants of the Karoo interior. Itinerant sheep-shearers, this marginalised community roam the Karoo in their donkey carts in search of work, sleeping over on the roadside in make-shift overnight shelters.

    On top of the sheer humanity of the tale, there is the tension which at times was almost intolerable, and I had to stop myself flicking ahead. The voices took hold of me from the beginning and then never let go. Carol Campbell wrote this book while she and her husband were running a petrol station in Prince Albert. She currently lives in Durban. R A novel about a young woman who grew up amongst the 'karretjiemense' of the Karoo. The 'karretjiemense' Donkey Cart People are direct descendants of the San, the earliest inhabitants of the Karoo interior.

    Case M. R A historical novel set in at at the Cape of Good Hope, about a wealthy Dutch slave owner who falls in love with a young slave from Madagascar he has inherited from his father. Spanning more than eighty years, the novel concludes in , twenty years after the abolition of slavery in the Cape Colony. Her most recent book, "Papwa: golf's lost legend" was shortlisted for the Alan Paton Award. Chapman M. R A reprint of the anthology of short stories from Drum magazine, published in the s.

    Introduction by John Matshikiza. Chela E. R Co-published in the UK. Twenty-one short stories on the theme of migration selected for publication by Short Story Day Africa Chigumadzi P. R A novel about a young woman's struggles to survive, set in Harare, Zimbabwe, in It presents us with a memorable gallery of characters, mainly women, headed by the indomitable Tsitsi, who have to negotiate their way around and often confront a patriarchal society.

    There are choice sequences that are rendered with humour and sensitivity. Written in the tradition of a bildungsroman, the novel grants us the eyes of a young woman with which to look at a society coming to terms with itself. She grew up in South Africa and is the founder and editor of Vanguard Magazinr. She is a Ruth First Fellow. Chinodya S. R A collection of short stories by Zimbabwean writer, Shimmer Chinodya, in which he explores life in Harare, and in Zimbabwe, over the last decade. Shimmer Chinodya was born in Gweru in Chipanta M.

    R "With wit and keen observation, 'A Casualty of Power' explores how two worlds collide as modern day Africa embraces Chinese overseas expansion. Mukuka Chipanta's debut novel is wonderfully thought provoking, sombre and dark in places and yet laced throughout with hope.

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    This is a pacy, emotive and enjoyable novel that will keep the reader engaged until the last page. Chiziane P. A novel about a woman who, after 20 years of marriage, discovers her husband has been supporting 4 other families for many years. She moved to Maputo with her family in early childhood and started writing in her mid-twenties, becoming the first Mozambican woman to publish a novel. Cloete A.

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    R A novel about a happily married middle-aged man haunted by the violence he suffered as a child. Aubrey Cloete was born on the Cape Flats. He teaches at Knysna Secondary School. Coetzee J. Coetzee was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in R J. Coetzee writes about his childhood in a small country town in South Africa. R This novel won the Booker Prize, making J.

    Coetzee the first author to win the Booker Prize twice. Coetzee's first novel. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in FOE, pp. R This novel, J.